Orange County CA adds persian rug pizazz thanks to an affordable area rug store in the OC!

20120629-093239.jpgIn the beginning, floor coverings such as rugs and carpets were used to add warmth to a living area during the cold winter months. This tradition continues in most of europe until today. Since most homes layed a rug down in the winter, and tucked it in the summer, not much thought was given to the detail, color or design involved. Most rugs were bland and simple.

These days, rain or shine, area rugs have ivolved into a “must have” accessory in every home, therefore the designs, shapes, and colors have ivolved along with the demand giving area rug manufacturers a good workout. One popular area rug that is most favored for its texture, color and pizazz is a hand woven persian rug and for good reason. Although persian rugs or oriental rugs come in various shapes, sizes and colors, one can’t help but appreciate the labor and time involved in creating such a beautiful masterpiece. Up until now, only the rich and famous can afford to gock at the magnificence and elegance of a persian or oriental rug and thanks to their new found popularity, the public’s demand for persian area rugs has increased during the recent years. Ever since oriental rugs and persian rugs hit the mainstream, warmth is a thing of the past, style and pizazz is now.

Orange County, CA is home to many beautiful custom homes that align its beautiful coast, with sunshine and warm weather most of the year, there’s no reason to add a rug for warmth, but almost every home in Orange County is well accessorized with some of the most magnificent area rugs. Whether it’s a round area rug, hexagon shape area rug, shag area rug or the traditional hand woven persian rugs, the rug is no longer the added piece in the home, it is the center piece of the home with furniture to accessorize. There are probably more persian rugs in Orange County, CA than there in the originating countries.

As a trusted local Orange County rug store, located in the heart of Fountain Valley. Rugco USA’s owner Nia is relied on for persian rugs and considered a rug and carpet expert in the Orange County area. He began and carries on the tradition started by his grandfather years ago with a small twist. Thanks to this leading rug and capet store in Fountain Valley, the average homeowner can afford to decorate his home with a beautiful, traditional hand woven persian rug. This area rug store in Orange County supplies Orange County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County. With over one million rugs and a massive showroom housing thousands of area rug designs, shapes and colors, it gives Nia a buying the buying power to negotiate the best prices which allows him to pass on the savings to his clients.

Once you see a persian rug, you can’t help but appreciate the labor intensive art of creating such a beautiful masterpiece, it won’t be long before your heart’s desires require fulfillment. Once you own an oriental area rug, wheter it’s a persian rug or a standard wool rug, it’s important to have an expert you can rely on for proper rug care and repair.

Persian area rugs in Orange County are now made affordable thanks to Nia at Rugco, so if you’re thinking about an area rug and not sure where to start, you might want to stop by his show room where you find an unlimited selection of area rugs, oriental rugs, hand woven persian rugs and many more area rugs to choose from. When it comes to area rugs, you want to have a huge selection to choose from and not limit your persian rug selection which feeds the pleasure of even the worst rug critic.

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