Orange County outdoor rugs brighten up the summer!

Summer is finally here and the weather is warming up, more people are having outdoor social and family gatherings, such as picnic, barbeques, and outdoor brunches to enjoy the beautiful season. Outdoor furniture is becoming more and more popular through-out the years, and one of the most wanted accessories to dress up your porch, deck, or even a gazebo are outdoor rugs. When people decorate their outdoor space, most people forget about area rugs, forgetting that not only can an area rug decorate the space, but adding a contemporary rug  can tie the whole appearance together making the space look more complete and ready for any occasion.

When your shopping for an area rug it’s not only important to select one that is visually appealing, but also making sure it blends in with your other furniture décor. Using earth tones, such as browns, tans and neutrals can last longer without fading and go with any season of the year. Bright, vibrant color area rugs attract people’s attention and really can make a whole space pop. If you’re working with a small space, try using light and already faded colors to make the space appear larger and more spacious. Another thing to also think about is the pattern of the rug. There are many different styles and designs available to you such as oriental area rugs, custom made area rugs, antique, and Persian. Make sure to look at the patterns, selecting one that doesn’t take away from the rest of the décor, but complimenting the furniture that you already have.

For outdoor rugs, it’s extremely important to make sure that the material can hold up against sun exposure, as well as resist mold and mildew. A popular well-known Orange County rug store explains, durability is a must when picking out your outdoor rugs. Your rug should be able to withstand wear and tear, and last you all four seasons out of the year. The materials for each rug are different, so you need to make sure to ask the seller what the rug is made out of. Natural fiber rugs look richer in color, but synthetic rugs almost double the lifetime of an outdoor rug because of its durability.

So have fun with your decorating and be creative. Don’t think that rugs need to be a simple and ordinary rectangular shape. Try a circular or octagonal style to add some uniqueness and customization.  Don’t be scared to be non-conventional and experiment with different shapes and sizes. Make your outdoor patio a space your proud of! By adding a rug you can truly customize and complete your outdoor space just in time for the summer season. You don’t need to hire an interior designer to have a fabulous and beautiful outdoor area, maybe all you need is an outdoor rug to give it that little extra flair! Sometimes decorating can be a stressful process, so go to a store that specializes what you are buying. They can help you in choosing a perfect rug for you that reflects your own personal style and lifestyle. So if you enjoy the outdoors, consider purchasing an outdoor rug or carpe. It’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to dress up the outside and have the most gorgeous patio on the block!

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