Modern contemporary area rugs can make a living area pop!

Contemporary area rugs with bright colors tend to brighten up any space.  With the hot summer days here, many people consider decorating the interior of their home with beautiful bright colored modern area rugs as well as carry the decor to their outdoor oasis.

Contemporary area rugs don’t necessarily have to have a pattern, they can be a solid area rug that compliments the surrounding furniture and lifestyle.  The variety of colors available allows us to mix and match or throw down an area rug that’s bright and solid to make the room pop in style.

Many interior decorators recommend that a solid area rug be decorated with colorful throw pillows thrown about the room or a unique coffee table that compliments the solid colored area rug.  If you are not sure where to start and you’re not fortunate to have an interior decorator assist you, many contemporary rug stores have their own interior designers and experienced rug professionals that can assist you in picking out the best texture and color for your living space.

A true experienced rug store should be able to provide you with a lot of choices and order a specific contemporary area rug if not readily available.  One local Orange County area rug store offers one million rugs to choose from.  Rugco is considered the elite rug supplier to most Orange County interior designers and works closely with each one to complete design projects for some of the most gorgeous homes that align the Orange County Coast, from Los Angeles to San Diego and everything in between, Rugco guarantees you will find what you’re looking for in their Fountain Valley rug showroom.

Whether it’s contemporary area rugs, traditional rugs or rare antique hand woven rugs, the rug professionals at Rugco in Orange County wants to help you pick out the rug you are guaranteed to enjoy for years to come.

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