Shaggy Rugs – An Orange County shag rug store brings the 70’s back to life with a wide selection of Shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs have been around longer than the brightly-colored flared trousers and tie-dyed tees but they’ve outlast the trends and fashions of many decades.

People favor the Shag rug for their unique appeal, texture and the feel of celebration.  If you’ve lived through the 70’s you most likely remember it for “Happy Times” followed by a decade of turmoil.  It was a great time to hit the floor dancing and “boogie woogie til you just can’t boogie no more”.  It was a time when Americans looked back and celebrated 200 years of freedom and looked forward to a future filled with excitement and new ideas and innovations that would make life much easier and more interesting.  This is what makes most people smile when they lay eyes on a bright colored shaggy rug.

Shaggy rugs have come a long way since the 70’s, shag rugs have outlasted the flared pants and tie-dyed t-shirt because they’ve adjusted with the times.  Shag rugs are not what they were considered during the peace era, although they still reflect a happy environment, they now come in various textures, designs and patterns that can fit just about any décor.  With better materials making a shaggy rug easy to maintain, they’ve gained in popularity instead of disappearing with the times.

A shaggy rug can be an interesting addition to a décor.  Don’t be surprised if you’re interior designer recommends the shaggy look for your living area or bedroom.  Rugco in Fountain Valley, one of the largest direct importers of area rugs in Orange County has a wide selection of shaggy area rugs of various prints, colors and texture to choose from.  Nia, the owner at Rugco works directly with designers and homeowners to bring them the largest variety of area rugs to choose from.

Whether your style is modern, traditional or shag, there’s deffinately a rug at this Orange County rug store that will satisfy any critic.  Rugco offers an inventory of over 100 million rugs to choose from, with this large buying power, you’re guaranteed to find an affordable area rug to choose from.  Not all one million are shag many of them are quite unique and rare that they’ve outlasted and will continue to outlast future trends of many decades to come.

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