A simple cirlce, Snaz up any area with a round rug!

In the early 70’s, mod fashion and deco décor revolutionized households, bringing forth simplistic and chic furniture designs, bold wall art, and who can forget shag area rugs.

Although this era is long behind us, the remnants of style can still be seen year after year in households everywhere. 2012 is all about brining back the old with a bright, new twist, and round area rugs are on top of the list as the hot item this summer.

As carpeting becomes a thing of the past and pergo, hardwood and tiled floors become more popular, round area rugs are the perfect way to easily snaz up your style in any room for any season. Round area rugs come in variety of sizes and fit most living spaces. This makes them easy to customize anywhere around your home.

This season you can choose between bold prints or flat pigments. Blues, turquoise and neutrals are popular color palettes among those trying to keep a zen, earthy feel while vivid greens and reds work beautifully as separated statement pieces. Or why not mix and match to bring forth a complimentary, yet contemporary look.

Round area rugs also make great housewarming gifts. Instead of the usual Yankee candle or a vase, why not give your friends something they can place in their kitchen, bedroom, living room or even the foyer.

For those who live in apartments, a round area rug is perfect for making a small space look well put together as well as hiding some unwanted carpet stains that your landlord left from the previous tenant.

Wether you are looking to spice up your home with a contemporary rug or thinking about adding a small touch to your already perfect interior space, round area rugs are versatile accessories to fit every style.


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