How to care for your area rug and keeping rugs clean

For some of us there comes a time when we fall in love with that one piece of furniture, a vase or that beautiful new area rug that becomes the treasure of our home. We do everything in our power to preserve it from dust, spills, fingerprints or any general use. We cover it in plastic, draping and all sorts of other crazy things just to shield it from wear and tear, pets, children and our clumsy friends.

However, we have to come to terms that we don’t live in a museum and our signature pieces are meant to be walked on, sat on and used on a regular basis.

Area rugs are considered the most common room accessory that tend to get the worst of it. From crumbs to dirty paws, it is inevitable that stains and dirt will turn that pale gold fringe into a dusty yellow.

Some minor stains and spills can be handled at home by simply using a gentle stain remover and a blotting sponge. Unlike carpet, area rugs are usually knit differently and do not do well when rubbed or scrubbed. Regular vacuuming will help refresh the look of your centerpiece, yet it is important to use a lightweight vacuum that wont pull the delicate fibers some rugs are made of.

One Orange County area rug expert reminds us that it is also a good idea to frequently turn your area rugs whenever possible, this will help keep wear patterns less noticeable.

Although, many preventative measures can be taken to keep your rug looking new, sometimes it is essential to let professionals do their jobs. Taking your rugs to a rug cleaning professional guarantees a prolonged lifespan for your area rug. When making your purchase, it is a good idea to ask if there are any suggested cleaning companies that are trusted with cleaning various types of area rugs. This way you can sleep easy that your precious new buy will be well taken care of.

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