Decorative pillows and accent throws to accentuate your decor ideas

Most of us can remember going over our Aunts house, who went on a decorating frenzy and filled her house to the brim with crazy prints and styles. Bold floral couches, patterned wallpaper and large amounts of different sized accent pillows with embroideries have given us a stigma about using these pieces when decorating our own homes.

However, this year it is all about mixing and matching styles and cultures to bring a unique personal feel to every home. Some of us with a knack for decorating are confident with styling our home with permanent fixtures and experimenting with bold wall color choices. But for beginner interior enthusiasts an easy, fail proof way to explore different styles and textures is by using accessory pillows and throws.

These can be used to decorate sitting areas such as couches, sofas and love seats. Accent throws and pillows also work great in the bedroom. If you are looking for a pop of color, try accentuating your decor with vibrant blues, greens and corals for a French Caribbean feel. Animal prints are a great way to emphasize and enhance more contemporary spaces. Using deep purples, reds and golds will bring a little bit of an eastern influence to your space while classic pastels and paisley prints are for those who prefer the vintage period.

One popula Orange County rug store helps many clients throughout Orange County with decor ideas and shared with us that accent pillows and throws are easy to mix and match and since they are both considered as home accessories, they can easily be switched up to match any season. They are also a great way to explore your personal style on a budget.

If you are itching for a change, but are not ready for a full house renovation makeover, try to explore the exciting world of pillows and throws!

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