Lay down the warmth like a rug this holiday season

When it comes to home decorating, most of us stick to the basics. A lamp here, a coffee table there and an area rug? Well, this usually finds a place in our living room or family.

This season home décor experts are urging you to spice things up not only with design, textile and color choices but also with placement.

In recent years, hardwood and Pergo have been gaining popularity. Most homeowners are getting rid of their carpeting (due to cleaning costs, allergies and trends) and choosing to sprits up their home’s authenticity with dark cherry, colonial maple and red oak floors.

It may not come as a surprise that the best way to dress up your brand new wood floors is with some eclectic and true to style area rugs. A recent trend has designers debating whether placing an area rug or a runner in the kitchen is fashion or faux.

Sure, we all know that the kitchen can be extremely messy, cooking, spills and kids are unavoidable yet this can easily be masked by the correct textile or print. Busy, oriental or Persian inspired designs can help hid stains, spills and other kitchen accidents.

Not only is choosing to put a rug in the kitchen trendy and fashion forward, it can also be smart. If you place the rug along side the sink/dishwasher, this helps protect your floor from possible water leaks. Dishwasher and sinks always leave wet stains on our floors and hardwood is not very forgiving when it comes to long-term water damage. Placing it by the stove protects your floor from grease stains and food that may be dropped while cooking.

If your home happens to have a breakfast room, a den, a sunroom or a nook, go ahead, designer play around with placing fun and colorful area rugs in those spaces. The more unconventional the area seems the better!

If you are unsure of where to find inspiration, the season brings bold prints and colors that go right along with the trends. If you do choose to try an area rug in a new room for your home, ask a professional to help you choose the correct size and shape that will help enhance the new look.

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