A closer look at the Orange County Rug super store!

Almost everyone has a room or two in the house that can benefit from a little bit of color and warmth. Throw in a traditional or contemporary-style rug, an intricately designed Persian rug, or a colorful area rug, and a room instantly becomes something else entirely. Rugco, based in Fountain Valley, California, provides clients with one of the biggest range of area rugs of any store in Southern California.

There are many factors parents need to consider when purchasing a children’s rug, including choosing the appropriate colors, the right materials and design. However, finding an elegant but fun and whimsical rug for their children can seem like an impossible task. Many rug stores sell only kids’ rugs that are brash and almost comically fluorescent; kids’ rugs also tend to be in shorter supply than other types of area rugs. Rugco provides customers with a wide variety of children’s rugs, from smaller transitional rugs that can be laid out in the hallway and bathroom, to larger rectangular rugs for children’s bedroom and playrooms.

Rugco’s has a wide selection of children’s rugs that showcases whimsical scenes; this includes trains, birds, zoo animals, natural landscapes and different patterns of flora and fauna. For kids who are more hyperactive and need a room that is grounded by relaxing, soothing tones, Rugco sells a variety of transitional and area rug in more subdued, pastel shades. For customers who have athletic kids, Rugco also sells bright rugs that relate to sports, such as baseball, hockey, football and soccer. The larger, rectangular area rugs are perfect to for children’s bedrooms, as well as their playrooms.

Choosing the right materials for children’s rugs is also essential: for hyperactive kids who run around, spill things, paint and draw, choose a rug made up of durable and generous material. For younger and older kids, Rugco sells nylon and wool rugs. Nylon rugs are great for younger kids, as they tend to resist staining, while wool rugs hold up well to foot traffic and are ideal for older kids.

So whether clients are looking to create a new color scheme or accentuate a simple but strong focal point in a room, Rugco is here to meet a variety of rug needs, from the dining room to a child’s bedroom.

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