Rug Maintenance – A yearly maintenance tip for your home area rugs!

mudAlthough California’s winter season is comparatively milder than in the rest of the country, it also has its own heavy rain season, which lasts from late October into March. During this time of the year, California experiences the majority of its annual rainfall. With the rainy season come muddy boots and shoes, which can stain carpeted floors and area rugs. Quality rug stores, such as Rugco in Fountain Valley, California, provide customers with a range of preventative rug care tips during this winter season:

*Protect your carpet by placing doormats inside and outside of all main traffic areas into and out of your home. Doormats can also act as visual reminders to children, so that they stamp their feet and remove some of the mud from their shoes before entering into the house. Microfiber mud rugs also help to catch dirt and mud and can also be placed close to the home’s entrance doors. These super-absorbent “mud rugs” include cotton for absorbency and microfibers that get into the grooves of shoe soles.  Easy to machine-wash, these rugs also include a non-skid backing, which keeps the rug in place.

*For more expensive, traditional rugs be sure to use rug pads, which will help keep the rug from sliding around. Padding helps your rug retain its original appearance for longer and extends the life of a rug by preventing premature aging. However, keep in mind that pads for rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpet never works well, so avoid layering your carpets on wall-to-wall carpeting it at all possible.

*Rotate your rugs; do this at least once a year. This simply means turning the rug 180 degrees. Rotating your rugs help them to wear more evenly, as sunlight can cause fading.

In addition, stains can be removed on various types of natural and synthetic rugs. For deep mud stains, hire a professional rug cleaning service, which will ensure that all your rugs get a complete cleaning. This is especially true for high-quality rugs, such as hand-made Persian and Oriental rugs and antique rugs. Many more expensive rugs have a stain-resistant treatment, which buys you a few minutes to take action before the spill starts to be absorbed into the rug. Food spills that are solid (peanut butter, jelly, ice cream, fruit) can be picked up with an edge of a blunt knife, as the remaining stain is removed by using white paper (plain white paper towels also work).

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