An Orange County rug store says cozy up this Valentine’s Day dinner.

cozyValentines Day is right around the corner, and couples—if they haven’t already done so yet—will most likely be rushing to make dinner reservations. The National Restaurant Association states that Valentines Day is the second most popular day to dine out during the year, as nearly one-third of all Americans go out to eat. But this year, rather than doing what everyone does and going out to dinner, why not do something different and memorable?

Show your appreciation and love for your loved one by putting together a home-cooked dinner: get a great, favorite recipe, buy a superb bottle of wine and have dinner on a warm shag rug. With weather predictions stating that temperatures throughout the country will be colder this year than in recent years, what could be better than cozying up to your sweetheart, over a home-cooked meal and wine, on a sumptuously soft and thick shag rug? Rather than spending hours fighting off traffic to eat in an over-crowded restaurant, enjoy Valentines Day in the comforts of your own home and sip a glass of wine, while you and your Valentine sink your toes into the plush wool of a shag rug.

One of the unique qualities of shag area rugs is their feel: as they are made up of high quality wool, shag rugs are soft, fluffy and full to the touch. At the same time, shag rugs are incredibly versatile. They can serve multiple purposes in a home, as you can put the shag rug in the bedroom, living room, family room, hallway or even your kitchen. They are as durable as carpets but are seasonal, as you can move them around or store them during the summer.

Rugco, a long and trusted rug store in Orange County, provides a wide range of shag rugs for customers. Are you looking for a shag rug that will add a vibrant color to a room? Or are you looking for a classic rug that will add subtle grace to the house? Do you want a contemporary rug that expresses your idiosyncratic, eclectic style? Rugco offers a wide selection of textures, fibers, colors and sizes for shag rugs as well as hand-woven, all-wool shags with cotton backing. We also offer customers discount rugs and rug cleaning services.

So for this Valentine’s Day, do something special and unforgettable. Cook an unforgettable dinner, while cozying up to your sweetheart on an irresistibly soft shag rug.

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