Spring 2013 area rug choices and room decorating ideas by Rugco

As we welcome the arrival of spring, we also welcome the new, more lively us! This means we are geared up for change and maybe even some spring-cleaning. Some of us will be renewing our wardrobes, re-organizing garages and maybe even re-vamping our home décor.

Although interior gurus say that the transition between the trends of 2012 will not be drastic in 2013, there are a few noticeable changes home-decorating buffs should be aware of.

2012 brought about bright, bold colors. This will still be very prominent in Spring 2013, however with minor adjustments. This season it’s all about the primary colors. Reds, yellows and especially blues will be seen as choices for wall color, accessories and especially fashion rugs. Blues are being referred to as the new “neutral”, using pastels instead of calm earth tones and navy as the new “black”.

colorful rugsPrints will also be seen this spring. Stripes, shapes, floral and animal prints are all great choices to spice up any room, however instead of leopard or zebra, we will be seeing actual animals as the print itself, such as dogs, cats and even some safari friends (this is great for adults as well as kids rooms).

Floral prints will be more subdued and simplistic as stripes will continue to add width and dimension to any room. Spring 2013 will bring a new feel to feminine and masculine by mixing textures and older trends in a brand new way.

If you are looking to change up a room, an area rug can be a great start. Try picking a rug in one of the new colors from the spring palette, or play it up with a print. Regardless, this is a great way to accessorize without going overboard. Are you thinking a room is looking too small or a little drab? A pop of color and some vertical/horizontal lines can add much needed dimension making the room appear wider/longer.

Although spring 2013 brings about specific elements, it still gives much freedom from mixing and matching. This season go all out and let and change things up, color and style!


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