The history of rugs can be found in the heart of Orange County

rugcoFor thousands of years people have used carpets and rugs to decorate their homes. History has revealed that these household accessories were once regarded as a symbol of status. Kings and noblemen dressed their floors with tapestries of gold and hand woven designs.

These “floor coverings” also have a high standing in literature, as magical tales of the east have always referred to carpets as having the ability to transport or fly.

Although today’s rugs are merely a way to accessorize and decorate our space, there are still many intricate details that go into creating some of these works. In fact area rugs can be quit costly, unless you shop smart and go to a trusted carpet and area rug retailer.

Rugco, a leading Orange County rug store has an exceptional selection of carpets and area rugs. If you are looking for a contemporary rug, modernized look to any room, Rugco offers shapes, colors and sizes. From bold colors, statement prints and shaggy fringes, these pieces will liven up your home and office any day.

Have you always dreamed of owning your very own “magic carpet”? Rugco’s collection of Persian and traditional rugs can bring class and modesty to any home. Choose from square, rectangular and round rugs, perfect for any size room.

If you are looking to start a tradition, passing something down that is cherished for years to come, a rug is the way to go. Rugco carries beautiful 100% silk rugs. These pieces are not only stunning, but also involve immense craftsmanship. These rugs are hand knotted and embroidered for authenticity and if taken care of, they make a perfect treasure to be passed down for generations to come.

Perhaps you are simply looking to brighten up a room and you aren’t sure what will be the best choice? Rugco professionals can help you pick the perfect carpet/ rug for your home or space. Most importantly, these rugs are super affordable, meaning you can mix and match textures, colors and styles without burning a hole in your wallet!

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