Wholesale rugs and the affordable evolution of a new decor with an area rug


During the 70’s and 80’s, house décor trends were all about carpet. Carpeting the whole house, top to bottom with synthetic, shaggy carpet was in-fact the “it” trend. We have come a long way since those times and even though retro style is back in style, homes that are fully carpeted are not.

This happens to be not only because of style and home décor choices but also for more practical reasons, such as keeping your house cool during the summer.

rugcohistoryofrugsAlso, with an increasing amount of pollutions and dust, many of us suffer from horrible allergies. Doctors have now learned that carpets are in fact a breeding ground for allergens and recommend getting rid of carpeting for those who suffer year round, especially pet owners.

However, getting rid of our carpets doesn’t mean we have to compromise style. With a large array of area rugs now in style, home décor gurus are having a blast with adverse choices in wholesale priced rugs that do not affect the style.

Rugs come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Instead of having the whole house carpeted you can have an accent in every room that peaks only to you.

Area rugs are easier to clean, as they usually don’t collect as much dust as traditional carpeting and they are easily removed, replaced and are able to be taken outside for cleaning.

Another advantage to area rugs, it is easier to pick materials that are more hypoallergenic and wont trap as many dust particles and animal hair/dander. This allows for more control around your homes, especially if you have kids.

Carpets become imbedded as part of your home, when you move, the carpet stays. Area rugs are more portable, they are an accessory and therefore can be taken with you to make your new house feel more like home.

Many parents with kids feel that carpeting is softer incase their kinds take a tumble. No need to worry, kid friendly area rugs have been a moms dream come true. Not only do they come in fun designs like animal print, but they are made from soft, fur like material to bring any child joy.

If you thought you couldn’t afford a new decor, you’re in luck, wholesale rug stores in Orange County such as Rugco, can really help you save on on a new area rug, due to their massive inventory and buying power, they sell rugs at wholesale prices to the public.

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