How to keep rugs properly maintained and clean?

rug cleaningTo keep your environment hygienic, you must make sure that everything is clean and well maintained. Your rugs are no exception to this rule. While rugs are fairly easy to keep clean, there are a few things you must do on a regular basis in order to keep them truly clean. Ensuring you properly clean your rugs may also prolong their life, thus saving you money. Below you  can find the proper steps to take in order to keep your rugs clean.

Vacuuming- Vacuuming should be done at least every other day. During this process you simply run your vacuum over the rug, thus removing all of the topical dirt and a good majority of the deep down dirt. The process will only take around five minutes, and will help you to properly maintain your rugs. These short five minutes every other day will help to save you a massive amount of time and money in the long run. If your rugs get dirty between cleanings, you can always vacuum them. Vacuuming will not hurt your rugs.

Beating Your Rugs- Beating your rugs refers to hanging them over a clothesline or a fence and  beating them with a paddle or broom. This loosens up and removes any dirt or debris which are stuck down at the base of the rug. While vacuuming will remove the majority of these, there will be some which may not be removed during this process, which is when beating your rugs may help. Beating your rugs once or twice a month is sufficient to properly remove all of the deep down dirt that might accumulate even after your vacuuming.

Deep/Steam Cleaning- Steam cleaning or deep cleaning your rug needs only be done once a year. For those who properly keep up with their carpets, it is possible that you may only need to do this every eighteen months or so. Steam cleaning is when you use a steam cleaner, sometimes known as a ‘wet vacuum’ to clean way deep down into your rug. Your rugs will be as thoroughly clean as when you first purchased them once this process is complete, so long as it is done the proper way. If you are unsure how to do this, it is possible for you to hire a professional rug cleaning company to do this for you. All of your rugs and carpets may be done at the same time to save you time and/or money.

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