Repair and maintain area rugs, Don’t throw away an old rug!

rug repairWhen your rug becomes damaged, you may be tempted to throw it away. Many people do not realize that these rugs can actually be repaired to new or like new condition, so they throw hundreds or thousands of dollars into the garbage can. There’s no reason to do this. It is both more generally and financially more practical to have these rugs repaired than it is to throw them away. Although there are always exceptions where rugs become so damaged that they are impossible to repair, below you may find a comprehensive listing of repairable rug issues.

Damaged or Loose Fringe– Fringe refers to the loose, decorative thread pieces that encompasses a rug’s border. Over time, this may become tangled and loose, or pieces may even be ripped out. This is very fixable. With a bit of crafty untangling, repairing, or replacing, your fringe can be restored to it’s original beauty.

Surging Repair: You will often see ‘surging’ on Oriental rugs. It is the process in which all of the edges are finished with a continuous thread. It is done in a looping pattern that allows the rug to look more completed, as well as offers an option to those who do not prefer fringe. This surging can be repaired just like fringe can, so there is no need to replace your rug.

Hole Repair: If your rug has somehow gotten a whole in it,whether small or large, you will be happy to know that this too can be repaired. In fact, holes can be repaired so well you will not even be able to notice where that gap in your rug original was.

Uneven Rug Sides: If the sides of your rug have become uneven in any manner, rugs can be added to, trimmed up, or have a variety of other methods used on them in order to fix this problem for you. How this problem is resolved will depend on where exactly you go, but there is always an easy solution to your problem. 

Area Rug Resizing: Love that rug but need it smaller? Larger? If this is the case, you will be happy to know you do not need to purchase a new rug. Instead, you can simply take it to a trained professional to have it re-sized so that it may fit in the new area you need it to.

There are a number of other rug issues that may be repaired so you do not have to purchase a new one or throw your old one away. Some of these repairable things include: tears, worn pile, holes, binding, and much more. So before you throw away that damaged rug, you may want to call your local rug store and ask if the damage to your rug can be fixed. It may end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • Repair Fringe
  • Re-fringe area rugs
  • Surging Damage
  • Worn pile
  • Repair tears in area rugs
  • Repair holes in rugs
  • Uneven rug sides
  • Area rug re-sizing
  • Area rug binding
  • …and more

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