Rugco says accent a home with amazing deals on winter & holiday rugs

christmas decorEvery season has its own set of décor items. You can change the appearance of any room with the right rug selection. As the winter winds begin to blow, you may want to winterize your home. This means picking items that accentuate your color scheme. Rugs can work to match any colors and furnishing styles. There are small area rugs that can accent the style that you’ve established in a room.

You will also discover medium and large rugs that set the tone in a room. These pieces, like works of art, are center-points and attract attention. Oriental rug styles are some of the most popular pieces of décor. These rugs are known for their vibrant use of color and hand-crafted designs. Asian rugs and various other types are wonderful pieces to capture winter styles. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can celebrate the season through rug décor.

Create Bath Settings

Every home has multiple bathrooms to decorate. There are quaint baths and then there are large and spacious ones. It doesn’t matter what size bath you have. You can use a stylish rug to create a comforting setting. Contemporary rugs of various shapes are splendid pieces. These styles add color to a bathroom. They can also modernize the space for holiday entertaining.

Capture Bedroom Themes

You bedroom may have an island or garden theme. A stylish area rug will add to the look and feel of this space. There are Oriental rugs that have graphic displays and colors. You can find floral styles that match bedding prints. There are rugs that match both colors and styles. Traditional area rugs are terrific pieces to cover hardwood in bedrooms.

Match Dining Décor

The dining room is one of the most popular places to entertain in the home. Rugs are used to line the area underneath the table. Depending on the length of your table, you may require an extra-long area rug. Matching the wood paneling in the room or the table itself is a good idea. Rich greens, browns and gold tones are easy to match with these rugs.

Accent Living Spaces

There are multiple living spaces in any home. The living room or den is a place of relaxation and comfort. Area rugs used in these spaces can be used to accent existing furnishings. Sofas, chaise lounges and other pieces are filled with color and design. Contemporary rugs are fine accents for these particular rooms.

Design Foyers 

The foyer is the grand entrance to any residence. Making a statement in this space is important. You can use long runner rugs to line tile and wood floors. Large area rugs of any style are perfect for this space. Matching color schemes and decorative themes will harmonize the foyer. Select a rug, whether traditional or modern, that works with your décor.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a beautiful rug, discount rugs and wholesale rug stores such as Rugco in Orange County, CA have a large inventory with wholesale prices to the public, and can ship all over the United States.

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