Rugco helps you redesign interiors for parties that are memorable

Parties are special occasions for giving your home a makeover. There are many details and accents you can add to change the look of one or more rooms. Area rugs are definitely additions that make a stark statement. These rugs come in various designs, shapes, styles and colors. They can be used to define the entire space. You may also use an area rug to compliment the furnishings already in the room or space. The interior of your home can be benefitted with the right area rug accent.


Bare floors are transformed with the accent of a luxurious area rug. Carpeted floors can take on a stunning appearance with a rug addition. It doesn’t matter where your party will take place in your home. Area rugs will help you to entertain comfortably in virtually any room. Finding the best area rug styles involves considering your space and the look you want to achieve. You will be able to redesign multiple spaces with the texture, color and design of beautiful area rugs.

Textured Rugs and Contrast

Party planners often want to find ways to contrast between their décor items. Area rugs are available in Oriental styles. There are many other styles of rugs in this category to choose from. Jute area rugs are some of the best options for offering contrast. These rugs are known for their gorgeous texture. Round Jute displays are often used near doorways. They have a rough display with all sorts of contemporary designs. Circular shapes can accent rooms with this type of theme.

Large Rugs Compliment

You can use large area rugs to make a splash in any rooms. These rugs are available in shag displays or smooth and textured styles. It is important to use a slightly smaller rug than the space you’re covering. Modern striped area rugs are terrific compliments to similar furnishing designs. They are also wonderful additions to showcase brilliant wood floors. Colors like olive, squash and rust are vibrant options for these rugs. Circular, square and rectangular rugs can be used in large rooms or spaces.

Ethnic Rugs Showcase

Many parties take place in comfortable living spaces like dens and living rooms. Ethnic theme rooms with artwork and sculptures are great areas. These rooms look sensational with Charing Cross area rugs. There are beige, brown, black and various other colors of this style. The intricate graphic shapes on these rugs make any area eye-catching.


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