Area Rugs – Change Entry Spaces with Flare

Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean that you are limited of choices. There are many great ideas for changing your entry space in your home. Area rugs are certainly some of the best choices for these projects. You can completely transform the appearance of these spaces. The goal is to open up entry spaces and to make them welcoming.

Crowded or congested entries are sometimes difficult to maneuver. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment or a house. You can work to make your entry way beautiful. The right area rug choice will help you to decorate this area. It is possible to expand these entries, as well as, add color and flare. Let’s take a look at some terrific ways to use area rugs.

Add Color & Texture

Braided area rugs are fine pieces for adding both color and texture to a space. These are popular rug choices for entry areas. Oval and rectangular shapes are some of the most common of this style. Colorful options like the Botanical Island style rug alternate between pink, blue and green shades. Solid rugs are good options for braided rugs. Flat weave styles bring texture in the space, as well.

Incorporate Themes

You can use area rug liners in your entry space. These styles are tools to incorporate specific themes. Themes can compliment inner spaces in the home or can be completely unique. Contemporary themes with graphics can be seen with an Argonne rug or a Luminary style. Accent pieces like mirrors and artwork also add to this entry space.

Broaden Spaces

Small entry spaces don’t have to look that way. A large area rug can be used to make the space appear larger. A wide Victoria area rug is a good selection for this entry style. You can select a gorgeous Tivoli rug style to bring floral designs into the home. Large circular and square rugs are useful for broadening spaces. Clearing obstructive décor or furnishings will help to make the entry expansive.

The entry of your home makes a first impression for you. Before your guests see anything else, they view your entry. You can use any style of area rug that you like in this space. These rugs are great tools for adding a splash of color. They can also be used to showcase beautiful shapes and styles. These rugs are available in various designs and sizes. They are good decorative pieces for accenting your entry space.

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