Bedroom Remodel? Orange County rug store shares tips on Stylish Rug Accents

bedroom with area rugRugco, a popular Orange County rug store shares some amazing tips on remodeling the bedroom, rug accents can be quite stylish and add a little pizzaz to a bedroom remodel.

Homes of various ages benefit from remodeling projects. It doesn’t matter why you want to remodel. You can change the appearance of any bedroom with the right stylish accents. Some people are remodeling because they want to sell their homes. Others simply want a drastic change in décor. Fortunately, there are great ways to transform bedrooms of all sizes.

Color schemes are often used to make a space look different. This involves the change of wall color, furnishings and accents. Accents, such as, area rugs are fantastic tools for remodeling a living space. They work to add character and flare to the room. This is especially true for master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. There are wonderful area rugs to select from. They add color, texture and style to a bedroom. Here are 3 Tips for Bedroom Remodels to consider:

1 – Use Area Rugs to Expand Spaces

There are terrific area rugs to choose from when you remodel. Large rugs are good tools to use in small bedrooms. These rugs result in a visual impression that actually expands the space. These rugs can be used to incorporate color or graphic design. A flat weave rug style will add a bit of texture, while a hand-tufted style can be used to compliment bedroom furnishings.

2 – Create Settings with Color

You can use items like area rugs to create a colorful setting in the bedroom. This can also be done by painting walls. A bright butter yellow is a find example of a spring and summer color. A warm olive works well with fall and winter styles. Color can be brought into the bedroom space through works of art and sculptures. You can select floral settings, island settings and classic settings with the right color choice.

3 – Modernize with Furnishings

The current furnishings in your bedroom may be outdated. This does impact the look and feel of the space. Beds take up the most space in this room. Modern pieces work well to set the tone for the bedroom. Wooden beds with canopies are fine displays of traditional looks. Retro styles with metal details are contemporary. Accent pieces like picture frames, wall art and vases are great additions to bedroom décor.

You can use a variety of tips to transform the appearance of your bedroom. These can be applied to one room or multiple rooms. Accenting with the right stylish pieces and tips is a good way to incorporate change in the space. There are great home interior suppliers that sell these items. They are available on any budget and can create a fabulous setting in the bedroom.

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