Color Scheme ideas when decorating with area rugs, be your own picasso

This year like last year is going to be a time for renovations and remodeling projects. Forbes Magazine reported that these projects increased by 12% in 2013. Homeowners have found that creating a unique space is the best way to enjoy their homes. There are many items that you can purchase to help with this goal. Area rugs certainly offer you the option to transform the spaces in your home.

There are many terrific area rug styles to choose from. You can purchase trendy and modern rugs for dens and dining areas. Bedrooms of various sizes benefit from the fresh look of an area rug. Foyers, kitchens and bathrooms also take on a new appearance with the right rug choice. It is possible to design a stunning color scheme with your area rug selection. Here are some great ideas that can aid you’re with your decorating project:

Cover Tile Floors

Tile floors can be expensive to change. This is one of the reasons that homeowners opt to cover them. Large area rugs can add beauty to these spaces. A thick gray shag rug can be used in bathrooms with similar coloring. Varying shades make a terrific contrast in these spaces. Kitchens are also areas where tile floors are found. A  Yellow Moroccan Cambridge-style Rug can be used to bring sunlight into a dark kitchen.

Compliment Carpets

A trendy way to decorate carpeted spaces is to add a chic area rug. These rugs can harmonize with the color of the carpet. They are also fine items for creating another color scheme altogether. Homeowners purchasing new furniture can use this tip for decorating. A Homemade Marrakesh Rug is a nice choice for covering carpets. This style is available in a variety of vivid colors. Here are some of the popular colors to consider:

  • Sage Green
  • Cotton Candy Blue
  • Cranberry Red
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Tangerine Orange

Accent Furnishings

You can select your area rug so that it accents your furnishings. This is a great way to complete your color scheme in dens, living rooms and bedrooms. A Caravan-style Medallion Rug is a trendy choice. It showcases graphic medallion shapes, along with rich beiges and oranges. Another accent rug style is the Sarouk Rug design. Traditional floral designs are defined by cream borders and solid spring shades.

You will be amazed to see the finished result of your living spaces when you add area rugs. It doesn’t matter whether you choose traditional styles or contemporary ones. These rugs can showcase a particular area. They are wonderful tools for bringing color and contrast into a room. These are nice accessories for completing the perfect color scheme, as well.

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