Tips On How To Select A Persian Rug

Tips On How To Select A Persian Rug 2

It is commonly said that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Many people are passionate about the beautiful designs of Persian rugs while some people may want to buy these rugs for decorating their homes.

Most of the people cannot tell the difference between Persian rugs and those that are made in Japan or China. Persian rugs are considered to be the rugs of highest quality. They are also the most expensive rugs around the world. For all the people who are not sure about the authenticity of the Persian rugs that they are buying, these useful tips will help them differentiate between the original and fake Persian rugs. These tips will help in purchasing the best quality of original Persian rugs as well.

  • Select A Wrinkle-Free Persian Rug- The beautiful Persian rugs are valuable if they have no curling edges, no ripples and no wrinkles. The most valuable Persian rugs should lie flat because the curling tendency of rugs make them age quicker and spoils their beauty also. The wrinkled or curling edges of the rugs make them unpleasant for viewers also.
  • The Shape Of Your Persian Rug Should Not Be Contorted- The prices of Persian rugs may vary because of their distorted shapes. The carpet coming from the loom can be either perfectly geometrical or its shape can be distorted. One end might be wider or thinner than the other one while the edges may not be even and smooth. This all depends on the workmanship and it greatly affects the value of Persian rugs in the market. So make sure to check the Persian rug thoroughly for such defects before you pay a big amount for it.
  • Check Colors Of The Rug- The original colors of the Persian rugs do not fade away easily. Take a good look on all the colors of Persian rug before buying it. Some people are charmed by the fading designs of these rugs but actually the colors of Persian rugs should be uniform and those colors should not fade away with exposure to normal light. Also, the colors of Persian rugs should not bleed and distort the pattern when a small amount of water is introduced to them.
  • Look Out For Finer Knots- The Persian rugs that are made with finer knots are given more value as compared to those rugs with coarser knots. The best thing is that you can easily determine the kind of knots by looking at the backside of the rug. The coarser and cheaper wool yarn will provide lesser knots per square and the expensive silk threads will provide greater number of knots per square. Finer knots mean that your Persian rug will keep looking beautiful for a longer period of time.
  • Check Motifs And Quality Of the Wool- The Persian rugs made from higher quality of wool will be softer than those made from lower quality of wool. The rugs made from inferior wool quality are dry in appearance, seem lusterless and are scratchy instead of being soft. The motifs are also a great factor in determining the authenticity of a Persian rug. Those who have knowledge about the particular patterns of motifs from Iran called Persian rug experts can easily identify the original Persian rugs.

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