How To Prevent Rug Allergies

Many people are fond of placing rugs and precious carpets in their homes but are scared of allergies. But the question remains the same; do woolen carpets really cause allergies? No, carpets cause allergies only if they are not properly maintained. The main allergy causing factors are:

How To Prevent Rug Allergies 2

  • Latex:People usually ignore the fact that the latex can cause allergic reactions. Commonly, area rugs use latex backing in order to prevent a rug from sliding on the floor. Such latex may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Do not confuse latex allergy with dust allergy. The symptoms of latex allergy include a rash or swelling of skin. If you notice any such symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Dust: Dust is probably the most leading allergy causing element in rugs and carpets. The dust allergy is usually caused by the dust particles that get trapped in fibers of the rugs. These allergies tend to become more severe with thick and shaggier rugs that are almost impossible to vacuum and clean. Not everybody is highly allergic to dust. You can discover dust allergies by exposing the rug to a sensitive person. If you observe any symptoms, try to clean all dust and dirt from your rug, or consult a doctor if the problem persists.

How To Prevent Rug Allergies

First of all, find out the reason that is causing allergic reactions and then take necessary measures.

Prevent Latex Allergy

If you love placing rugs in your home but cannot do so because of the latex allergy, the solution is quite simple. When you go to purchase a rug, ask the salesperson for rugs with plastic backing instead of latex backing. Other materials like rubber are also found to be non-allergic and can be considered while buying a rug.

Prevent Dust Allergy

Prevention of dust allergy is slightly tougher than preventing latex allergy. In order to make your rug dust-free, make sure to clean your rug on regular basis. Vacuum clean your rug daily and if it is washable, wash it at home every 1-2 months.

Prevent Allergies To New Carpets

Some people experience allergies to the chemical used in the new carpets. This allergy causing element goes away in a few days. So, the best way to prevent this kind of allergy is to place a carpet in your home when you are going out for a few days. On your return, the smell of your new carpet will be gone and you won’t experience any allergy.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, your vacuum is not enough to clean the rugs properly especially f you suffer from severe allergies. Even if your vacuum cleaner has HEPA filter, it is not enough to ensure allergy-free environment. The best way to prevent dust allergies is to send your carpet for professional cleaning services every six months at least.

Area Rugs

If you really love carpets but afraid of placing one in your home, there is a safe solution for that. You can place area rugs in your home instead of wall-to-wall carpets. This way, even if you are slightly allergic to dust, you won’t experience severe allergic reactions. These rugs are easy to and maintain and clean. You can also hang these rugs out to expose them to sunlight as it is among the few best ways to get rid of allergy causing dust particles.


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