Redesign Large Bonus Rooms – Create Separate Areas in One Living Space

Depending on your home’s floor plan, your bonus room could be in several different sections. Typically, this room is located on the second floor of the home. There are bonus rooms that have open floor plans with no door enclosures. These take on a loft-style appearance. Other bonus rooms are designed with doors that allow for more privacy. You can redesign these areas to create completely separate living spaces with area rugs.decor

Bonus rooms are not considered to be bedrooms because they do not have a closet. These are spaces that are used for entertaining in most instances. Homeowners also utilize these rooms as office space and dens. Redesigning this space is all about transforming its current look. Area rugs can be used as tools that create and redefine the sections of a large bonus room. It is possible to create up to 4 specific areas in this space.


It doesn’t matter whether your bonus room is in your attic or your basement. You can take advantage of this space by using great area rugs for office space. According to Simply Additions, the average bonus room of 21’ x 20’ equals approximately 420 square feet. Bonus rooms of at least 1000 square feet are particularly large and can be transformed in many ways. Traditional or Oriental rugs are commonly used for office spaces. They bring rich color and classic floral designs.


Another area you can make in this space is a library. You can use bookshelves to section off this portion of the room. Furnishings like sofas and loveseats are perfect for this space, as well. For this area, you should select shag rug designs. There are many of these to choose from depending on your color scheme. Gray, green and beige are great neutral colors to consider. Multiple colored shag area rugs can make a stunning statement.

Game Area

Game areas are generally used by the whole family. Children, especially gravitate towards this space. Contemporary area rugs are wonderful choices here. Weaver styles with active graphics are terrific for this area. You can introduce shapes into this area with circular, square and other forms decorate rugs. Children’s rugs are fun ideas for this game area.


Even though there may be another den in your home, why not have two. This is a space for reading, watching television or simply entertaining. Rugs in this area should harmonize with the furnishing in the space. Theme rugs are good selections for den spaces. These may include outdoor settings or nature scenes. Flowers, wildlife and other settings are often displayed on these rugs.

As families grow, it is necessary to maximize the space in the home. Bonus rooms that are large offer a lot of possibilities. Using beautiful area rugs to define and create special areas provides benefits. This is not simply a way to get more use out of the room. You are improving the overall appearance of this segment of your home.

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