Decorate Your Small Loft with Big Style – Area Rugs Define the Space

big rug small areaThere are thousands of loft apartments in major cities throughout the country. All of these have different layouts and designs. It is possible to decorate your loft with big style and furnishings. Area rugs can be used to completely define any living space. These rugs are utilized as focal points in individual rooms. They are also tools to accentuate color schemes and design themes.

These rugs are available in various shapes and sizes. They can be used in virtually every room or area of your loft. Large area rugs are useful when it comes to opening up spaces. They are great pieces to use in doorways and halls. This helps to lengthen these areas of your loft. With the right area rug selection, you can create a comfortable setting. At the same time, allow these rugs to define your sense of style and taste.

The Doorway

Some lofts are designed with a lengthy doorway or foyer area. This is the portion of the apartment where your guests arrive. They will get their first impression of your home from this space. Runners are the best choice of area rugs for the doorway. These great rugs make this space look longer than it actually is. Oriental area rugs are popular choices for these doorways. They are available in rich reds, blues and browns. Thrilling designs will also benefit this entrance of your loft.

The Living Room

Most loft designs incorporate a living room space with another area. This may include the kitchen, dining area and den. You can use the right area rug selection to define this space. Using several different rugs to divide individual spaces is a good idea. This makes the room more comforting and functional. Use a colorful rug to create the living room area and another different style to define the dining space. Thick rug piles in one area alongside a thin retro area rug in other areas make an open floor plan.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms in lofts are typically one elevated space. This separate area should be defined with a theme. Striped area rugs with juggle or beach themes may fit with your furnishings. Graphic area rugs with circular designs are another way to decorate the bedroom. You will discover sensational rug designs and colors for this room. Use this space to exhibit your taste and style.

It is important to make your loft comfortable and welcoming. Since these apartments are generally small, it takes creativity to decorate them. Area rugs will help you to define and divide specific living spaces. Gorgeous rug selections will incorporate color into these spaces. You can also use these rugs to develop setting themes that interest you. With so many terrific area rug designs, you can make your space your own special home.

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