Why Securing Your Rugs with a Rug Pad is Important

When it comes to providing a complete and comfortable look to any area in the house, area rugs are the most in demand pieces. Area rugs are not only hugely in demand for comfort but they also add beauty to the floors that they are placed on. Whether it is outdoor or indoor places, they will definitely help you in adding warmth to the entire area. From light colors to bold colors, round size to runner area, synthetic fiber to natural material, rugs provide a huge variety. Rugs provide a soft and soothing comfort to your feet which enables you to enjoy walking in that area.

While area rugs are best for adding comfort to your rooms, sometimes fibers of the rugs start to tear out and shed, particularly when you place a rug in the busy areas of your house. You can save your luxurious and exclusive rug from damage if you use a rug pad. The cost to install rug pads beneath your area rugs is much cheaper than having to replace the rug due to damage.family on rug

Avoids Slipping

The rug pads are high in demand because they protect the rugs from slipping. Rugs are usually made of soft material that is delicate on your feet and the floor. Rug pads not only provide grip to your rug but they also save you from accidents. Placing a rug without rug pads may lead to an undesired accident due to slipperiness and your kids may get hurt really bad. Remember do not buy cheaper rug pads because if you do so, you might end up purchasing rug pads that are in no way helpful in saving the carpet or the slipperiness. So, it is better to purchase the best quality rug pads and save yourself from big troubles in the long run.

Prevents The Rug From Mold

Area rugs are prone to mold and germs, often when they are kept on floors with high traffic areas in the house. Rug pads prevent mold and germs by acting as a layer between the floor and the rug so that germs don’t stick to your rugs. Therefore, rug pads also help in creating and maintaining the hygienic and clean environment in the house.

Eliminates Odor

Besides preventing germs and molds, rug pads are also very beneficial in preventing obnoxious smells that may develop due to mildew. The prevention of such smells becomes very difficult when area rugs are placed indoors without rug pads. So, if you want to have an odor-free room, make sure to place rug pads beneath your rugs.

Extends Life Of Area Rugs

The most basic purpose why people place rug pads beneath their rugs is to extend the life of their favorite rugs. No matter how much you take care of stains and germs you cannot save your rug from damage until you secure them from beneath with rug pads. So, make sure to purchase rug pads right when you purchase a rug for your home and ensure its long life.

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