A Holiday Gift For Everyone in the Family

Buying holiday gifts can be challenging, especially if you’re purchasing an item for each member of the family. When you buy a household item, it tends to cover all the individuals and each family member can benefit from it. A beautiful area rug is a great holiday gift for an entire family to enjoy. Let’s review the various type of rugs that would make a great holiday gift:

Living Room Rugs

If you’re choosing to buy a living room rug for someone, try not to overshadow their current decor, or completely steer away from their style.  It’s best to give someone a unique accent rug instead of a large area rug that might not fit within their decor.  A smaller piece can easily be added in any room.

bedroom with area rug

Bedroom Rug Decor

Bedrooms are fun to decorate and a rug can add a nice accent to their room decor. If you don’t feel comfortable choosing an area rug for a friend, you may want to consider a beautiful wall tapestry that can easily add pizzaz to one of the walls in their bedroom.

Bathroom Area Rugs

Even if your friends and family already have a set of bathroom area rugs, they’ll be glad to receive another set. Try to stick to neutral colors that will go with any decor, if that’s the route you choose.

A holiday gift is special, buying something personal for each individual in the home can be daunting. Trying to understand each individual’s unique style may seem impossible. There are great options and professionals that can help you choose the best option for your loved ones. Thousands of individuals do it each year, we know because at Rugco in Orange County, we sell thousands of rugs during the last two months of the year as holiday gifts.

How do you wrap a rug as a gift?

Most of our clients leave that chore to us, and you should ask the store where you purchase your rug, they’ll be glad to do it for you.

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