Children’s Play Room Transformed with Kid Friendly Rugs

There’s nothing like a kid friendly rug to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for the young ones.  Whether it’s a bedroom, garage or playroom, you want those little feet to stay warm and cozy. Why not add color and pizzaz to brighten the room with a kid friendly rug?

There are kid room rugs that promote learning through numbers, letters or even geographical maps.  Children can turn these rugs into a fun learning experience, filled with good educational session while you play.

Most children rugs are easy to maintain and keep clean with regularly washing at home.  Depending on the area you will be placing it, a kid friendly and colorful outdoor rug dries quicker after a good wash.

Toddlers and kids love spilling their drinks and food all over the place, but you don’t need to worry.  Most kid friendly rugs are quite affordable and extremely easy to maintain.funrugs

One of our clients recently transformed her garage into a kid friendly oasis by adding two 9 x 12 large area rugs with bright colors including numbers and geographical map.  Her children spend the majority of their time in the garage play area, and the rugs keep them quite happy and warm in that environment.  Mom stated that she’s finally happy they have their own spill location far away from her expensive and highly sensitive Persian area rugs.

When you’re shopping for kid friendly rugs, try to stay away from one solid color, or light earthy tones. They don’t hide stains and dirt as well as their colorful counterparts.  Choose one that really stimulates the creative side of your child with bright, fun colors that creates a better mood all together.

Rugs play such a big role with children that schools have began to add them to their young student’s classes all over campus.



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