The Most Useful Guide For Measuring Your Stair Carpet

You can obtain measurement for carpeting in a room easily by multiplying width of the room with its length. However, this formula is not functional with irregular areas like staircases. You must give utmost importance to each step’s fall and rise while measuring the stairs for carpeting. Knowing the accurate measurements will help you avoid trouble of buying too little or too much of carpet. If you are thinking of installing carpet on your stairs, take a look at following step-by-step guide:

  • Measure rise of 1 step from the fleet of stairs. The top of step on which you place your feet while walking is termed as the “rise of stairs”. Place the measuring tape at deepest point of step. The deepest point is actually the area where rise of the step adjoins the fall of the next step. Now, pull your measuring tape towards the tip of the rise and measure.
  • Use measuring tape to obtain the fall of every step. The “fall of a stair” is a portion that connects the rise of two adjoining steps. Now position the measuring tape on the edge of the rise, then pull it downwards to bottom of the fall where it adjoins the lower step.
  • Add measurements of each step’s fall and rise together for obtaining total length of every stair. Also, add two inches (5.1cm) to total in order to account for padding, carpet cutting and waste.
  • Count the total number of steps which are exactly same in size as the one that you already have measured.
  • Now multiply the total by number of same sized steps for length.
  • Take measurements of other stairs, if any, which are different in size than the one you have already measured.
  • Total all the measurements that you have taken. This total is the length of carpet that your stairs require.
  • For obtaining measurements for width of carpet, measure the step on your staircase that is widest.
  • Put the measuring tape at 1 end of rise and stretch tape across to other end. Once you have taken measurement for the widest step, you do not need to measure any additional steps since you already know the measurement for the widest one.entrywayrug

Useful Tips

  • Gather all the measurements of the stair landings and other accents, if any, which accompany the carpeting of your staircase.
  • Carpet runners are usually available in a huge variety with standard width measurements. So, you do not need to worry about measuring width of your stairs if you have a standard staircase. You can simply buy the width that perfectly fits your stairs.
  • Irregular shaped stairs like winding stairs must be measured at the widest point they have. Extra portions of carpet can be cut and placed to cover the stairs with a different shape.

Though it is easy to measure carpeting area for a standard home staircase on your own, if you are not sure and do not want to take any risks of buying less or more than required carpet, you can ask your carpet shop owner to send a worker to your place who can measure accurately. Good carpeting companies are always helpful in determining the measurements and right carpet for staircases so do not hesitate in asking for help when you make the final decision of purchasing from any carpet shop.

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