Know The Right Material of Rugs You Should Buy According To Your Home And Furniture

Carpet selection often becomes the most important decision for room decoration. It can also become confusing at times due to lack of knowledge about suitable materials and designs for different areas in a house. So, when selecting the carpet or rug of your choice, make sure to give due consideration to the material and pattern that will be most suitable for your home according to low and high traffic areas.rugs2

How Much Use And Traffic Does Your Room Get?

The kind of carpet or rug you should place in any area of your house largely depends on the kind of treatment the floor gets. Dining room carpets and bedroom rugs are less likely to have high foot traffic while hallways have high foot traffic and generally need durable flooring.

The Right Material For Your Home

Depending upon the nature of use in different areas of your home, take a look at following kinds of material available in the market:

  • Dhurries + Kilims

These are flat-woven cotton and wool rugs. The best quality of this kind of rug is that they are usually reversible. Famous for their graphic patterns and bright colors, these rugs are easy to clean, durable and usable in almost every area of your house.

  • Natural

These rugs are woven with natural plant extracted fibers including jute, sea grass, hemp and sisal. Since these are made with natural fibers. Natural rugs are highly durable and affordable as compared to woolen rugs. These rugs have neutral color palette and especially suitable for high traffic areas of home like hallways and common sitting areas.

  • Tufted

Tufting is a technique that includes creation of pile by inserting yarn through woven base. It is a common carpet and rug weaving technique to obtain precise patterns or designs. The pile may be cut or looped for creation of subtle textures in assorted combinations. These rugs are more durable if placed in areas with low foot traffic.

  • Distressed And Over-Dyed Rugs

Distressed and over-dyed rugs go through a dyeing cycle, distressing or washing to obtain a great finish. During the entire artisanal process, textures soften and colors blend for a classy and vintage feel that is good for mild to moderate foot traffic.

Buy A Rug In Accordance With Your Furniture

If your bed and other room furniture are very artistic or full of design, try a solid single color or neutral color rug to give a balanced look to your room. Following are a few rug pattern ideas that you can consider while shopping for a rug:

  • Versatile neutrals

Neutral rugs form solid foundations when you are looking forward to layer on patterns, colors or rich textures. This way you can consider the rug as canvas for your room.

  • Playful Patterns

Try using a patterned rug if your furniture is neutral or solid in color. For a foolproof coordination of colors, match the rug’s secondary color to the sofa in your room or any other key furniture item.

  • Monochromatic Rugs

Monochromatic rugs complement patterned furniture. Try matching your new rug with secondary color in your printed or patterned sofa.

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