Add Outdoor Rugs to your Patio or Backyard

Outdoor rugs can make a great addition to covered patios and outside spaces.  They bring the style of your seating area together. Outdoor rugs are also great when children want to walk in the backyard without shoes.

Colored Outdoor Area Rugs

If your space is bland with neutral colors, add a little pizazz with a colorful outdoor rug in the center to create a focal point.rug2

Easy To Clean

Outdoor rugs are different than the average indoor rugs because the fibers are different and the material allows you to easily rinse it off.  They dry quickly unlike traditional indoor rugs which require a more detailed cleaning process.

Solid Rugs for the Patio

Try to stay away from solids as they tend to show stains and marks easily. A print, stripe or even floral design looks great and hides the stains better

Round or Square Rugs

If you want to create a circular seating area, place a large round or rectangular rug in your outside patio area.

Cost of Outdoor Rugs

“The outdoors rugs can be quite affordable”, says Nia at Rugco USA, an Orange County rug store in Fountain Valley CA with a large inventory of indoor and outdoor rugs at wholesale prices.

Anyone can get a beautiful outdoor rug for under $200.00, while the indoor rugs can reach thousands of dollars.

Choosing a rug is a personal decision, with so many styles, shapes and colors available. Make sure you choose one that represents your sense of style and fits well with your décor.

Not only your adult friends will enjoy it, but if you have little ones running around the house, they can now enjoy the outdoors with you safely, and with warm little feet.

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