Seasonal Area Rugs – Create Colorful Living Spaces

It’s no secret that spring and summer colors are brighter than those of fall and winter. As the seasons change, many people want to bring more vivid color into their décor. Interior spaces can be transformed with these changes. Area rugs are focal points that work to create unique locations in the home. It is possible to change themes with these rugs.

It is not necessary, however, to paint your walls to match these rugs. You can find area rugs that harmonize with existing schemes. There are rugs available in various shapes and sizes. These can be used in any size living space. Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are popular places for these accents. You can use these rugs to embrace the season by adding color, floral prints and lovely setting.decor

Garden Settings

Garden settings are those that introduce flowers of different types into the space. Roses, tulips and other flowers are displayed on these area rugs. You can use these in living rooms to match sofas and love seats. They are nice additions to dining rooms and bedrooms. Leaves of different shapes and styles work well with plants and other designs. Wall decals can be used to harmonize with these settings.

Beach Settings

Beach settings are definitely popular during the summer. Palm trees, sand and ocean views fit well into this category. Area rugs with these displays can work well with olive, beige and pink wall colors. Paintings and wall hangings work well in these rooms with area rugs. Solid color rugs along with beach setting rugs can be coupled together. Indoor plants, such as, rubber plants are nice accents here.

Contemporary Settings

Contemporary area rugs are effective decorating tools for living rooms and dens. These rugs have graphic designs and displays. They often have backgrounds that are strong and vivid. Dark orange and yellow are vibrant styles decorated with large circles, triangles and arrows. It is possible to create a modern space with these area rug designs. Metal wall hangings make the colors in these rugs stand out.

Seasonal area rugs come in a variety of displays and designs. You can find pastel colors in these rugs, as well as, those that are stark and vibrant. These are tools that allow you to embrace the season.

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