A Complete Color Guide For Selecting a Stylish Rug

A suitable rug is the foundation of any room. A rug does not only cushion your footsteps but it also adds a beautiful piece of artwork with vibrant colors to any room. No matter what room you are decorating in your home, a rug can help build a design scheme for the entire space. While the style and pattern play significant roles in building a strong base, it is the color of a rug that ultimately completes the decor of your room.

Carpets and rugs make an influence on how you feel and how your mood changes when you are in your room. Various colors of rugs have different kinds of impact on your mood. Rich yellow colored rugs bring about a cheery feeling while deep blue or royal blue color can give out a regal and dramatic look. And if you are a fan of bold ornate designs, selecting an orange colored rug can just be the right idea because orange rugs give a louder look by incorporating understated graphical elements. Basically the purpose of a rug in a room is to add warmth and style to it. You should consider the role of lighting and hue in the space before selecting any rug.stylish area rugs

For an uncompromising and bold statement, try out a rug with 2 colors and make a combination of colors that are completely opposite to each other on a color wheel. Violet and green or blue and red are examples of shades that can definitely add energy to your room. Similarly, white and black rugs can easily draw attention and set a perfect stage for light colored sofa or other bright colored furniture.

You can also use the color of rugs to create an illusion that the room is smaller or bigger. If you have high ceilings and an overwhelmingly large space in a room, you can add an intimate look with dark color schemes. Colors like dark red are particularly popular for making the space look cozier. If you think your space in a room is small, you can use light colored rugs to give an open look.

At the moment, colors that are considered to be outdated include shades of green and cool gold. Mauves, grays and silvers are also not favored. Recent trends include shades of warmer colors. While greens and golds are still seen in the market, their shades have been given a warmer look. Environmental and earthy colors have become extremely popular these days. Neutral stone hues, light blues, suede shades, khaki and rosy quartz are a few colors that are most in demand. Beige, a traditional choice is now considered too safe and too dull by contemporary designers. However, there is no other color that is as flexible and of utilitarian value as beige. So, regardless of ever changing trends, beige will stay a popular choice forever.

Whichever color you select, make sure to place it in a room where it can complement the furniture and the décor theme. You can also ask an expert for advice before you decorate your room with rugs of any color.



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