A quick introduction to rug choices and area rug styles

There are few among us who are truly knowledgeable about the varying styles of rugs. Yet each different style of rug offers unique characteristics which will compliment an individual’s particular tastes. The type of fabric, the way that the fabric is sewn or woven together, the coloring schemes, and the patterns used may vary from rug style to rug style. Below you can find a listing of the most popular rug styles and the characteristics which make it unique from the others.


Traditional: Traditional rugs are those rugs which are crafted to replicate the styles of antique rugs. There are a variety of sub-categories in the traditional rug genre, which you may find below.

Oriental: Oriental rugs are those which reflect the ideals of the eastern region of the world. These rugs are usually woven in various ways, featuring intricate patterns that may or may not be specific to the type of Oriental tribe they are wishing to represent. Often, they are woven out of wool, as the first oriental rugs were created out of this fabric.

Savonnerie: These rugs are the mimickers of 15th century France. Elegance is a key trait, featuring floral patterns which compliment well most rooms. These have been pile rugs since the very beginning, although the style has evolved much since it’s debut.

Transitional: Transitional rugs are those which combine both traditional and contemporary traits into a single piece. These are the most versatile rug styes, as they are not bound to any specific traits. Below you can find a few of the sub-styles listed beneath the transitional category.

Floral: Although some floral patterns may perfectly fit either contemporary or traditional, many fall somewhere between.

Braided: These rugs are often representative of American folk art and tradition. Braided rugs are often referred to as rag rugs, and are crafted from pieces of multicolored fabric. These fabrics slivers are then braided together and sewn into circles to create a very casual country style which does not quite fit traditional or contemporary basics.

Contemporary: Contemporary rugs are those which represent the modern world and it’s ideals. The range of patterns and materials available are truly exquisite, Below you can find the most common contemporary rug styles available.

Geometric: These are those in which circles, squares, stripes, and swirls are placed together in bold coloring schemes that are perfectly paired with chic modern-type furniture.

Animal Print: Animal print designs are those which mimic the patterns of the animal kingdom, and are useful in bringing an exotic feel to any room.

Modern Art: These contemporary rugs feature patterns and pictures based on the works of modern artists.

Bamboo Mat: These simple rugs are crafted out of bamboo and offer something which is incredibly easy to clean, and basic enough to fit into almost any décor.

Shag: Shag rugs are crafted from luxuriously soft synthetic fabric. The key to this design is that they are, in essence, ‘fluffy’ and incredibly soft to the touch.

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