Why are rugs an essential part of a room’s decor?

While nearly everyone appreciates the innate beauty of a well crafted rug, few understand the true importance these seemingly simple items play in a room’s overall décor and ambiance. A well placed rug in a complimenting pattern or color can pull a room together in a rather extraordinary way. If you feel as though your room may be lacking something but you are not sure what that something is, it is very likely a rug could be what you lack.


The best way to understand why area rugs are so essential to a room’s décor is to understand what a rug can actually do for you. Let’s look at it this way: is it easier for you to replace your carpeting, redo your flooring, or purchase a rug? Obviously, purchasing a rug would be the simpler, more cost efficient choice. If you have decorated your room using a black and white color scheme, you could purchase a checkered rug in those complimenting colors instead of replacing the flooring with new carpeting or tile. It is in this way that rugs can save you money.

Many people do not realize that rugs may also offer a soft area in which to sit. Children, for example, spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, and infants are placed on the floor for what most parents refer to as ‘tummy time.’ Placing an infant on a soft rug, or allowing an older child to sit on one, is a much more comfortable option than sitting on hard flooring, or even flat carpeting. In reference to comfort, many rugs are plush enough to feel nice even to those simply walking across them.

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Rugs, also, are much easier to clean and are therefore more hygienic. Getting deep down dirt out of rugs may be as easy as  taking the rug outside and beating it. Topical dirt can be removed using a vacuum. Cleaning your carpets are not as easy. In order to get out deep down dirt you must facilitate the use of a steam cleaner, which can turn out to be costly and time consuming. While rugs can benefit from the rare deep cleaning, it is not necessary to keep them deep cleaned.

The final reason is the most obvious one. A rug can be an important piece of the décor itself, period. It may pull your room together in a more completed way. After all, there is only so much you can do to your floor as far as decorations go. You may as well make good use of the options available to you, and the best of these is through the strategic placement of complimenting rugs.

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